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Don’t Let the Engineering Shortage Cripple Your Design

October 25, 2022

We are experiencing a global engineering shortage. That shortage extends to both hardware and software engineers. There are many reasons for this shortage. Experts often cite the lack of “glamour” that comes with being an engineer, as opposed to someone who is more entrepreneurial. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, economic projections say that,… Read More »

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COMs Ease Concerns Related to Compatibility, Long-Life, Security, and More

October 25, 2022
COM Express Type 10 mini module on carrier board

COMs are essentially embedded computers built on a single circuit board. What differentiates the COM from a conventional single-board computer (SBC) is that it lacks the standard connectors needed to directly connect external I/O devices. Hence, the module would be mounted onto a carrier card or baseboard that breaks the system and I/O buses out… Read More »

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Understand AI Versus ML, Especially for Industrial and Embedded Applications

October 7, 2022
Closeup of computer board and CPU with PCB traces in shape of human brain

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time, both real and science-fiction variety. Real AI, the kind that’s useful in a host of embedded applications today, arrived in full form about a decade ago. Early examples of AI use include speech and other sound recognition, and minimal levels of autonomous driving. Following those advances… Read More »

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Don’t Let the Chip Shortage Curtail Your Business

September 28, 2022
Chip Shortage

The world’s supply-chain issues affect just about everyone, but the ones that really concern the embedded development community have to do with the chip shortages that we have seen for some time and will experience for the foreseeable future. There’s no real consensus on when things will get back to “normal,” but estimates range from… Read More »

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Crossing the Chasm from Industrial to Military Embedded Computers

September 13, 2022

Many of the embedded computer providers offer products for both the industrial and military sectors. But by no means are they offering the same products for the two sectors. The products often have many similarities, but there are also many differences. And those differences may not always be immediately obvious. First, there is deployment time…. Read More »

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Perform Machine Vision at the Edge for Factory Automation

September 9, 2022
Laser scanner on factory production line

Machine vision runs the gamut in factory automation applications, from handling security and maximizing production, to providing predictive maintenance for the machinery. On the production side, tasks could include inspection, orientation, identification, and assembly. While each of these elements could be handled by a human, there are many (emphasis on “many”) reasons why you would… Read More »

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There’s Still Plenty of Life Left in PC/104

August 31, 2022
PC/104 SBC Board Stack

PC/104 is an embedded board standard that’s been around for quite some time, more than 30 years. When something sticks around for that long, that’s generally a sign that the spec was properly designed, with products that are able to weather the long-term technology cycles.   In the case of PC/104, the spec defines a… Read More »

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Knowing How Much Security Is Enough for Your Application

August 30, 2022
digital padlock with binary digits

If your platform is connected to the outside world, experts will tell you getting hacked and suffering a data breach is practically inevitable. The key is to minimize the risk and contain the damage by employing the right amount, and combination, of hardware and software security. READ FURTHER—>>>

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