WINSYSTEMS’ IO60-DIO48 Module adds GPIO to embedded systems with IO60 expansion featuring 48 GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) tolerant to 30 V DC. The SPI interface is implemented through the MACH XO2 SPI-slave EFB (Embedded Function Block) interface. Each bit of each port is implemented as a bi-directional tristate driver. Each bit of each port can also be configured and enabled to detect rising and/or falling edge events and generate a system interrupt.

WINSYSTEMS can provide custom configurations for OEM clients. Please contact a Applications Engineer through our contact page for details.


  • 48 lines are provided within the Lattice Semiconductor Corp., MachXO2™ FPGA (field-programmable gate array)
  • Level converters provide support up to 30 VDC
  • Each line is configurable as an input or output with event sensing
  • -40°C to +85°C Operational Range
  • Current: 12 mA sink, 5 mA source (dependent on the user provided voltage)
  • Programmable interrupts
  • Supports Windows and Linux x86/64-bit drivers