The PCM-WW is designed as a universal prototyping card for user application-specific circuitry. It allows PC104 users to construct experimental and custom I/O interfaces with a minimum of effort. A 0.100 inch grid is provided for the breadboard area that accepts standard DIP sockets, connectors, press-fit pins and discrete logic circuitry.


  • Permits addition of user-designed circuitry for PC104 systems
  • 8-bit or 16-bit versions available
    • PPM-WW8 – 8-bit
    • PPM-WW16 – 16-bit
  • Access to all PC104 lines and power buses
  • Wire-wrap or point-to-point wiring support
  • Large breadboard area on 0.100″ grid accepts standard DIP sockets, connectors and press-fit pins
  • Plated-through holes
  • Non-stackthrough connector