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Perform Machine Vision at the Edge for Factory Automation

September 9, 2022
Laser scanner on factory production line

Machine vision runs the gamut in factory automation applications, from handling security and maximizing production, to providing predictive maintenance for the machinery. On the production side, tasks could include inspection, orientation, identification, and assembly. While each of these elements could be handled by a human, there are many (emphasis on “many”) reasons why you would… Read More »

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There’s Still Plenty of Life Left in PC/104

August 31, 2022
PC/104 SBC Board Stack

PC/104 is an embedded board standard that’s been around for quite some time, more than 30 years. When something sticks around for that long, that’s generally a sign that the spec was properly designed, with products that are able to weather the long-term technology cycles.   In the case of PC/104, the spec defines a… Read More »

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Knowing How Much Security Is Enough for Your Application

August 30, 2022
digital padlock with binary digits

If your platform is connected to the outside world, experts will tell you getting hacked and suffering a data breach is practically inevitable. The key is to minimize the risk and contain the damage by employing the right amount, and combination, of hardware and software security. READ FURTHER—>>>

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Think “Industrial” Over Competitive Formats If Security Is a Priority

August 19, 2022
Abstract image showing digital shield protecting IoT system

  Recently, we discussed the differences between consumer platforms versus commercial platforms versus industrial systems versus military systems. Here, we’re going to dive a little deeper into the industrial versus commercial sectors and discuss why an industrial system is likely the better option versus a commercial system, particularly considering cybersecurity concerns. As a recap, we… Read More »

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Nicolas Charbonnier interviews WINSYSTEMS’ Jack Smith at Embedded World 2022

August 4, 2022

Popular technology blogger Nicolas Charbonnier interviews Jack Smith, our director of technology, while at embedded world 2022. Jack gives an overview of WINSYSTEMS’ latest industrial embedded computer systems and highlights collaboration with, one of our valued technology partners. Click Here to Watch

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Understand Consumer vs. Commercial vs. Industrial vs. Military

August 3, 2022

  On the surface, it may not appear that there’s a difference between consumer versus commercial versus industrial versus military product grades, particularly at the component level. But I assure you there are vast differences. The distinctions are important because they significantly affect reliability, endurance, and total cost of ownership over time. More>>>

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Design Today for Tomorrow

July 27, 2022
Digital brain superimposed onto microprocessor

Embedded computers generally stay in use for many years. Lifetimes of these platforms are sometimes measured in decades rather than years. The capital outlay in industrial and manufacturing facilities is often expected to last 20+ years. That said, we know that upgrades will take place. Just because much of the embedded computer may be long… Read More »

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Highly Reliable Versus High Reliability

July 13, 2022
Composite image with jet fighter and high speed train

High reliability and highly reliable are two terms that are thrown around a lot in the embedded computing industry. Do they mean the same thing? No, they do not. High reliability is a well-accepted term in the industry with a specific definition. Highly reliable, on the other hand, is far more subjective. That’s not to… Read More »

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