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Design Criteria to Improve Cybersecurity in Industrial Embedded Systems

September 14, 2021
Increased Cybersecurity of Industrial Embedded Systems

IoT devices and networks are proliferating at an amazingly rapid pace fuelled by post-COVID’s economic recovery and capital investment. However, this proliferation is expanding the threat surface, and exposing the edge of our networks to a significantly greater risk of cyberattack. As the popularity of the IoT increases, a growing number of critical infrastructure and… Read More »

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Adaptable Gateways Give IIoT the Edge It Needs

August 25, 2021
Abstract image of industrial plant and IIoT data transmission

The evolution of the IoT means that increasing amounts of data are processed at the Edge before being transferred to the Cloud. There are many advantages to this, not least that it reduces the bandwidth requirements for Cloud computing. Edge sensors gather data to sense the physical environment. This can be in many and varied… Read More »

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Demystifying Cloud Computing

August 20, 2021
Abstract image depicting Cloud computing

Cloud and Cloud Computing are common terms, but they are ethereal. What exactly is “the Cloud”? What benefits does it offer? This blog explores why the Cloud has become an important part of the industrial landscape. The origins of the term ‘the Cloud’ to describe servers that are accessed over the internet is shrouded in… Read More »

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Edge Computing – Starting Point of Industrial IoT

July 29, 2021
Abstract image depicting Edge Computing mesh network

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) increases, Edge Computing systems are demanding more performance and specific processing capabilities in industrial settings. This places intensifying demands on industrial computing systems that need to deliver time-critical decisions. The addition of video or other AI/ML algorithms means images and sensor input is processed… Read More »

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WINSYSTEMS Releases New Company Profile Video

July 14, 2021
WINSYSTEMS Company Profile Video

We invite you to watch WINSYSTEMS’ new company profile video. See how we help clients embed success in their products. Technology decision-makers, product managers, and engineers at OEMs and Systems Integrators trust WINSYSTEMS’ nearly 40 years of expertise as a leading provider of industrial embedded computer solutions. We design and manufacture rugged, industrial-rated SBCs, COM… Read More »

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See Through the Fog for Secure, Reliable Industrial Computing

June 25, 2021
Fog Computing

Fog computing is a relatively new layer in distributed networks. The industry consortium, the OpenFog Consortium, founded by Arm, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Princeton University, released its reference architecture for fog computing just four years ago, in February 2017. The meteorological moniker places it as a computing layer that is below the Cloud, but… Read More »

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Design, Develop and Deploy Embedded Solutions Faster with Qt and WINSYSTEMS

June 22, 2021
WINSYSTEMS and Qt Partnership

  Highly reliable embedded systems start with secure, rock-solid hardware designs, such as those provided by WINSYSTEMS. The application software provides the unique functionality systems developers require for their embedded product solutions. The Finnish software company, Qt, has based its highly efficient and flexible development platform on the principle of reducing coding effort to accelerate… Read More »

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Implement 8 IoT Security Features in Days Not Months

June 9, 2021
Free Embedded Cybersecurity Webcast

Don’t Risk Becoming the Next Colonial Pipeline Story Cybersecurity is more critical than ever, as evidenced by the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks causing major disruptions, hazards, and shut-downs. As billions of IoT devices are deployed each year, adversaries are becoming more adept at taking advantage of vulnerabilities in critical operational technology systems causing significant… Read More »

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