The PCM-UIO48C-16 is a highly versatile PC/104 input/output module providing 48 lines of digital I/O. The major feature of this card is its ability to monitor 24 lines for both rising and falling digital edge transitions, latch them, and then interrupt the host processor notifying that a change-of-input status has occurred. This is an efficient way of signaling the CPU of real-time events without the burden of polling the digital I/O points.


  • Supports 48 digital I/O lines
  • Each line is capable of:
    • Bidirectional operation
    • Input, Output, or Output with Readback
    • 12mA Sink Current
  • Generates an interrupt on signal change-of-state:
    • Supports 24 event sense lines
    • Software selectable edge polarity for each line
    • Software-enabled interrupt for each line
    • Change-of-state latched for each line
  • Write-protection mask register for each 8-bit port
  • Compatible with industry-standard I/O racks
  • Fused +5V logic supply for I/O modules
  • 16-bit PC/104 interface
  • +5-volt only operation
  • -40ºC to +85ºC Operation
  • Direct replacement for PCM-UIO48B-G

PC/104 Bus, 16-bit, stackthrough

Parallel Interface; 48 I/O lines, TTL compatible

Onboard I/O

48 Digital I/O lines, TTL compatible

Expansion Bus

PC104, 16-bit support, stackthrough


+5V ±5% at 12mA (excluding rack power with no loads on the outputs)


Operational from -40° to +85°C

RoHS compliant


Dimensions – 3.6 x 3.8 inches (90 x 96mm)

Weight: 2.33 oz. (66 gm)