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Defining the Right Amount of Compute Power for AI at the Edge

April 22, 2022
Bullseye graphic overlays industrial single board computer

We’ve spent lots of time discussing the Edge of the IoT, particularly what processes should be handled at the Edge versus those that are better performed in the Cloud. And you’ve probably noticed the focus moving increasingly more toward the Edge, as compute capability grows. But that discussion soon leads to the next point: just… Read More »

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Cybersecurity at the Edge: OT vs. IT

March 31, 2022
Graphic representation of how IT interfaces with OT

No one questions the need for cybersecurity these days. With attacks coming on a daily basis, the question today is “how do I secure” rather than “why should I secure” or “do I need to secure at all.” What’s less understood is the difference between securing at the OT (operational technology) level versus securing at… Read More »

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Understand When COTS Will Suffice Rather Than Custom

March 25, 2022
COTS or Custom

COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the embedded computer industry, particularly on the hardware side. COTS products are optimized for efficient, sometimes volume, production and come with a predetermined amount of functionality and I/O capabilities designed to meet the majority of computing needs of a broader market. When… Read More »

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Made in the USA is Not a Throwaway Line

March 17, 2022
Circular graphic with US flag and Made in USA text

Does Made in the USA really make a difference? You bet it does, and the reasons for that statement are now stronger than ever, thanks to things like the pandemic, the chip shortage, the difficulties in securing end systems, counterfeit components, and on and on. This argument is amplified if you are sourcing boards and… Read More »

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Board Provider or Embedded SOLUTIONS Provider?

March 17, 2022

No two embedded applications are the same. Hence, no two solutions should be the same. There is far more behind that statement than meets the eye. For example, the engineering expertise of one vendor might surpass that of another vendor. Something that would seem simple, like specifying the optimal memory configuration or ensuring that parts… Read More »

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On-Demand Webinar: Full Stack Security Edge Infrastructure (45 minutes)

February 17, 2022

ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS bring IntelligentAssets and Edge to you in this free 45-minute on-demand webinar. Learn more about our infrastructure solutions. Edge computing is modernizing infrastructure and changing the future. Get secure out-of-the-box capability, lower the risk of new product development, reduce costs, and speed time to market with our collaborative solutions—WINSYSTEMS providing secure hardened… Read More »

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Webinar: Full-Stack Security Edge Infrastructure

January 20, 2022

ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS are bringing #IntelligentAssets and #Edge to you in next week’s #webinar. Learn more about our #infrastructure solution on 1/27. Register now! #IoT #IIoT #EdgeAI CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Come join us on January 27 for a webinar featuring ClearBlade and WINSYSTEMS! Edge computing is modernizing infrastructure and changing the future. Get secure… Read More »

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Bringing Intelligence and Security to the Edge of Energy

December 17, 2021
Abstract image of energy plant with overlay digital dashboards

Energy is one of the most critical infrastructure resources on our collective radar. So, it is imperative to continually monitor energy production, transport and consumption to ensure its availability, security and efficiency throughout the United States and the world. Back in February, we saw rolling blackouts across Texas while experiencing extended record-breaking cold—and the resulting… Read More »

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